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Exploring the Penetration and Optimization of Etiquette Culture in the Personalized Service of Civil Aviation

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001871


Jing Zhou

Corresponding Author

Jing Zhou


Abstract: With the development of the aviation industry, the personalized services in civil aviation have also been advanced and optimized. Only by attaching great importance to service etiquette in civil aviation competition, can an airline provide passengers with better services and gain their satisfaction. The penetration of etiquette culture in the personalized service of civil aviation means higher requirements for the work of flight attendants. Only through the comprehensive implementation of etiquette requirements and the strengthening of personalized service quality, can civil aviation be widely recognized by society and the core competitiveness of civil aviation be improved.


Keyword: Civil Aviation; Personalized Service; Etiquette Culture; Satisfaction