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Paradise·Morality·National Epic ——Research on the Story of Tree in the Era of Party Newspaper

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001872


Xiaomin Zhang and Lemin zhang

Corresponding Author

Lemin zhang


Abstract: At present, the research of typical character report is in a quiet period. However, the significance and value of the typical character report has been debated .More studies have concluded that the role of typical character reports in the whole nation’s moral education is still water flowing deep. Based on the myth archetype theory, this paper studies the stories of model characters in the era of Party newspapers related to trees. The results show that the educational function of typical characters’stories is reflected in three aspects: the warning of virtue, the narration of epic and the return of paradise.


Keyword: Environmental Protection; Poverty Alleviation; Moral Education; the Story of the Party Newspaper; Tree Myth