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Optimal Model for Scheduling of Cooperative System of Source and Load Storage Considering Economic Benefits

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001877


Yantao Wang, Miaohong Gao, Yu Shi and Minglei Jiang

Corresponding Author

Miaohong Gao


Abstract: Aiming at the problems of low absorption rate, abandoned wind and high light rate of renewable energy, this paper establishes distributed photovoltaic power supply model, distributed wind power supply model, gas turbine model and lead-acid battery energy storage model: On the basis of these models, this paper comprehensively considers the operating cost of renewable energy generation and other units, the cost of buying and selling electricity with distribution network, and the efficiency of renewable energy absorption: On the premise of satisfying the constraints of the unit, an optimization model of the source-load-storage cooperative system is established, which aims at the maximum economic benefit of the source-load-storage cooperative system: When the load of the system is fixed, the economy of the system is the highest, the amount of abandoned wind and light is the smallest, and the operating cost of the cooperative system of source load and storage is reduced:


Keywords: Optimal Economy; Source and Storage Synergetic System; Electricity Market