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On the Construction of the Management and Evaluation System of University Physical Education

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001880


Song Yan

Corresponding Author

Song Yan


Abstract: Establishing a sound monitoring management mechanism and evaluation index system is an important link to improve the physical education quality: Besides, it is also a significant and urgent problem for the reform of physical education: Starting from the principles, monitoring and operating mechanism, system construction of the quality evaluation of university physical education, this paper aims to improve the management of university physical education: To meet the needs of quality education and conduct the guiding ideology of "health first" in school education, ordinary universities in China have begun to implement the "Curriculum Standards of Physical Education and Health": This will have a strong impact on the traditional physical education teaching mode and its teaching quality evaluation system: Only by changing concepts, emancipating the mind, and boldly reforming the traditional university physical education mode and its quality evaluation system, can we meet needs of the times:


Keywords: University; Physical Education; Teaching Management; Quality Evaluation System