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Thoughts on Promoting the Construction of Legal Security System for Ecological Civilization Construction

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001887


Aijiao Liu and Jinshuai Qu

Corresponding Author

Jinshuai Qu


Abstract: Ecological civilization can not only be the sum of positive achievements made by human beings in dealing with the relationship between man and nature, but also be a higher social form: The realization of ecological civilization construction needs not only the renewal of corresponding ideas and value pursuit, but also perfect legal guarantee: In terms of legal framework system, a complete system should be established with the Basic Law of Ecological Civilization Construction or the Basic Law of Environmental Protection as the leading factor and pollution prevention, resource protection, ecological protection, resource and energy conservation laws as branches: The basic principles of ecological priority, no deterioration, ecological democracy and joint responsibility should be implemented in all legislation, and a perfect legal guarantee system for ecological civilization construction should be established from three dimensions of prevention, control and relief:


Keywords: Ecological Civilization; Ecological Basic Law; Environmental Protection Law