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The Research of Service Supply and Demand Coordination for University Library Based on Coupling Coordination Analysis

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001889


Xiao Qin

Corresponding Author

Xiao Qin


Abstract: [Purpose/significance] the paper starts with the imbalance and deviation between the supply of university library and demand of readers and then introduces the coupling coordination theory into the service supply and the reader demand subsystem of university library: It is expected to provide new ideas for the balance of supply and demand of university library and guide the library development through supply and demand ratio, coupling degree, coordination degree ect: : [Method/process] Explore the coupling mechanism and evaluation index system, construct a model and then conduct an empirical research: [Result/conclusion]Verified the effectiveness and feasibility of the coupling and coordination analysis applied to the analysis of the supply and demand balance of college library services: Put forward the path and optimization method of the university library to achieve maximum balance:


Keywords: University Library; Coordination of Supply and Demand; Coupling Coordination