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Analysis on the Early Warning of Enterprise Financial Risk under the Method of Efficiency Coefficient——Take H Power Company as an Example

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001891


Yichun Shi

Corresponding Author

Yichun Shi


Abstract: With the continuous attempts and innovations in financial risk early warning research methods, in addition to the existing financial risk early warning models, more and more disciplines are also used in the analysis of corporate financial risk early warning: This paper introduces cash flow indicators to screen out indicators that are suitable for H Power Company’s financial risk early warning, and then uses the efficiency coefficient method to use the selected indicators to evaluate and analyse the H Company’s financial risks, which is more than direct application of existing models targeted: Judging the company’s financial health according to the evaluation results and making warning judgments to facilitate the enterprise as a reference for dealing with financial risks:


Keywords: Financial Risk Warning; Efficiency Coefficient Method; Electric Power Enterprise