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"Distorted Facts": Discussion on the Motivation and Response of Public Opinion Crisis in Health Emergencies

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001901


Meinan Chen

Corresponding Author

Meinan Chen


Abstract: From the perspective of the communication process, public opinion is mainly completed through the chain mechanism of "information communication -- audience (subject) -- information repackaging -- zanxiety (panic) -- diffusion": The public listens to rumors and gossips, and the psychological pressure becomes greater, which leads to a series of unreasonable behaviors, leading to the generation of public opinion crisis: However, the most effective way to deal with the public opinion crisis is to take the government as the leading force, enhance social responsibility, and then spread a reasonable, scientific and authoritative "voice" to every corner of the world: In other words, the government and society should face up to the risks caused by rumors and rumors behind the "distorted facts", so as to better cope with the crisis generated by various public opinions, reduce the psychological anxiety (panic) of the main body, avoid the spread of anxiety and stop the false news and spread during the prevention and control: Suggestions: First, discuss the influence of false information on public psychology; second, in public health emergencies, how should the government and society deal with public opinion crisis; finally, the government has strengthened supervision over online platforms to curb false rumors at the source and improve the ability of online social governance:


Keywords: Public Opinion Crisis; Empathy; Psychological Panic; Social Responsibility; Response