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Cost Structure Analysis of Wind Power Enterprises Based on Mathematical Statistics

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001902


Yantao Wang, Yuan Fang and Xuanting Huang

Corresponding Author

Yuan Fang


Abstract: In recent years, under the background of gradual maturity of wind power technology, wind power generation with great market development prospects has achieved rapid development: The number and scale of wind power enterprises in many large-scale power generation groups are constantly expanding, which brings great challenges to the management of wind power enterprises: How to achieve benefit from management and how to reduce the operating cost of wind power enterprises are very important issues: The cost structure of wind power enterprises is analyzed in detail in this paper: Through the classification and comprehensive analysis of the cost, the key points of cost control of wind power enterprises are explored, and the relevant suggestions are put forward, which is of great significance to the healthy development of wind power industry:


Keywords: Wind Power Enterprise; Cost Structure; Cost Control