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Under the Change of Communication Environment, The Development Status and Future Direction of China's Microfilm

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001914


Yuan Gao

Corresponding Author

Yuan Gao


Abstract: The micro film market has only experienced a few years since its birth, and the rapid expansion of the market has resulted in uneven content: In the present era of information explosion, the 4 g will soon become a thing of the past, 5 g the forthcoming era, in the audience pay more and more attention to the content, rather than to simply the pursuit of novelty seeking era, communication and dissemination of content will face a new round of revolution, Internet +, big data calculation, the fifth generation of mobile communication technology will be the development of the micro film a new round of opportunity: Improving the cultural connotation of micro films and opening up new communication channels will bring more opportunities for the future development of micro films:


Keywords: Micro Film, Cultural Connotation, Communication Channel