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A Study on the Social Participation of College Students in the COVID-19 Epidemic from the Perspective of Crisis Stage Theory

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001915


Lilu Sun, Yu Feng, Jiamin Zhang and Wei Luo

Corresponding Author

Lilu Sun


Abstract: The crisis stage theory holds that public social participation is the result of multi-factor cross-effect, and its stage and variability characteristics are the key variables to adjust the crisis evolution. College students are the important participants of network information and group events in the network society and the real society. It is of great significance to explore their participating behavior characteristics. Based on the theoretical model of crisis stage, this paper makes a comparison and regression analysis on the social participation of 460 college students in different stages of the COVID-19 epidemic, and uses the decision tree model method to further explore. The results show that there are significant differences in participation behavior between different genders and ages; the degree of participation has significant difference in different stages; cognition, evaluation and attention have significant positive pull on participation; the importance of participation characteristic value is different in different stages of the epidemic. According to the research conclusions, this paper puts forward some suggestions, such as optimizing policy measures, promoting gender equality, improving college students' participation system, taking specific measures at different stages of the epidemic, and improving the accuracy of media reports.


Keywords: Crisis Stage Theory; College Students; Social Participation; Decision Tree