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Research on the Operating Performance of Securities Companies Affected by the Background of Senior Managers

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001920


Wei Di and Ludan Xu

Corresponding Author

Ludan Xu


Abstract: This paper starts with the age, gender and educational background of senior executives in listed securities companies, and comprehensively considers the background characteristics of senior executives in listed securities companies on the basis of high-level echelon theory, corporate governance theory and heterogeneity theory of senior executives: The relationship model between the background of top management team and business performance had been established, and some relevant hypotheses had been put forward: Then the data of listed securities companies has been used as empirical test: The results show that senior managers' gender, average age and average education level are related to the operating performance of securities companies: From the perspective of executive background, this paper discusses the relationship between executive background and business performance of securities companies, which will help securities companies focus on the selection of talents, and provide theoretical support for the formation of senior management team of securities companies and further improve the management level of senior management team of securities companies:


Keywords: Securities Companies; Senior Management Team; Educational Background; Female Executives; Age Structure; Operating Performance