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Exploration and Innovation on Interactive Campus Landscape Design

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001848


Wei Dong

Corresponding Author

Wei Dong


Abstract: With the rapid economic development, ordinary campus architecture design fails to meet the needs of the students, and it is extremely important to provide leisure facility for students outside the classroom in terms of the way to construct a more comfortable landscape architecture outside the teaching building rather than for merely visual feeling. In the university, students are not only study-oriented, and there is more space for development in the space design for activities other than learning. Therefore, the research is conducted based on "campus landscape" and "interactive design" to explore the interactive landscape design in colleges and universities and interactive landscape design is studied in the concrete plans through literature search, case studies, summary and other research methods to apply it into campus landscape design, and to interpret realistic significance of the interactive landscape design in the process of research


Keyword: Interaction Design; Landscape Design; Cultural Interaction