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Research on Government Public Management from the Perspective of E-government Construction -- Taking Chengdu City as An Example

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001850


Siying Li

Corresponding Author

Siying Li


Abstract: Based on the help of the Internet, government departments are capable of realizing the integration between management work and management functions, and the management organization can be optimized to improve the original working mechanism and working process, and thus providing real-time and efficient public management and public services. In this context, the communication channels between the government and the masses have been further expanded, and the transparency and effectiveness of public administration will also be improved. For the masses, they are provided with opportunities to participate in public management activities through the network, at the same times, they can supervise and prosecute the behavior of government departments. In the future, the government will also promote the democratization, enterprise-oriented, information-based and market-oriented development of administrative management based on big data.


Keyword: E-government; Government Departments; Public Administration; Management Method; Chengdu City