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Research Progress of Immunotherapy and Its Application in Triple-negative Breast Cancer

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001855


Zhenghao Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhenghao Wang


Abstract: For aggressive malignant tumors, many potential new treatment strategies have emerged in the field of immunotherapy. The most important breakthrough in the research field of triple-negative breast cancer is to clarify its immunophenotype and characteristics, and design new and targeted immunomodulatory targets for treatment. The most studied is the application of immune checkpoint inhibitors, which have achieved good results in the rescue treatment of advanced triple-negative breast cancer and the neoadjuvant treatment of early triple-negative breast cancer. This study reviews the research progress of cancer immunotherapy and its application in triple-negative breast cancer, especially the efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors combined with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapy


Keyword: Triple Negative Breast Cancer; Immunotherapy; Immune Checkpoint