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Strategic Recommendations Based on Pfizer's Core Competitiveness

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001866


Nan Yan

Corresponding Author

Nan Yan


Abstract: Pfizer’s competition in the pharmaceutical industry at home and abroad is fierce, Pfizer is also the largest pharmaceutical company in the word. China's pharmaceutical market development potential is huge, so the choice and implementation of a correct and effective development strategy is the key to maintain Pfizer's global leadership. This article first gives a general introduction to Pfizer. Secondly, based on the macro environment facing Pfizer, this paper expounds Pfizer's mission, vision and value statement, and further analyzes the corporate strategy at the corporate, business and functional levels. Then through the analysis of the industrial environment facing Pfizer, the positive and negative factors of the specific strategy are summarized. Finally, based on its core competitiveness, put forward strategic suggestions.


Keyword: Corporate Strategy; Positive and Negative factors; Core Competitiveness; Strategic Recommendations