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Research on the Long-term Mechanism of Cross-border E-commerce Development between China and Poland

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001876


Jian Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jian Zhang


Abstract: As a strategic emerging industry, cross-border e-commerce promotes the development of “One Belt, One Road” cross-border e-commerce, which will help China to gain a voice on the international economic stage, reshape the world’s position, and at the same time help advancing our country’s industrial transformation, eliminating overcapacity and improving the international competitiveness of enterprises: China-Poland’s cross-border e-commerce has developed rapidly, but there is still a certain gap with the development of trade in goods: It faces low efficiency of information resource sharing, cross-border e-commerce "software" still needs to be upgraded and cross-border e-commerce laws and regulations are insufficient: We need to establish and improve the cross-border logistics network system, improve the level of "Internet + software" construction, and at the same time improve the laws and regulations of cross-border e-commerce to promote the rapid development of China-Poland cross-border e-commerce:


Keywords: China; Poland; Cross-Border E-Commerce; Long-Term Mechanism