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Comparative Study on Different Energy Storage Modes Promoting the Consumption of Distributed Generation

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001879


Yantao Wang, Liulin Wang and Minglei Jiang

Corresponding Author

Liulin Wang


Abstract: In order to promote the use of clean energy, the government has issued policies to encourage the installation of supporting energy storage facilities for distributed generation projects: If each distributed generation project is equipped with energy storage facilities, there may be problems with low energy storage utilization and excess energy storage capacity: This paper takes the maximum consumption of distributed generation sources as the optimization goal, and proposes a shared energy storage mode in which energy storage equipment is shared by distributed generation: By comparing the two models, it is concluded that the shared energy storage model can improve the utilization rate of energy storage and promote the consumption of renewable energy:


Keywords: Distributed Generation; Energy Storage; Shared Energy Storage