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The Impact of Business Merger on Profitability —— in the Case of Ctrip and Qunar Merger

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001881


Yuanyuan Han

Corresponding Author

Yuanyuan Han


Abstract: In recent years, the Internet industry has continued to merge, and the industry concentration and maturity have increased: The online tourism market segment is no exception: However, the ultimate purpose of corporate decision-making is to make profits: Most of the mergers of traditional processing and manufacturing industries have improved their profitability, but it remains to be proven for emerging industries such as the Internet and medical care: This thesis attempts to analyze and study the profitability before and after the bussiness merger of ctrip and Qunar: com, which are representative of online travel industry, and at the same time conduct a horizontal industry comparison with other online travel companies: Based on this, we can analyse the impact of the business combination on the profitability of online travel companies, explore the existing problems, and and put forward corresponding suggestions for improving the profitability of enterprises:


Keywords: Business Merge, Online Travel, Profitability