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Optimizing the Design Process in New Product Introduction

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001884


Qingying Xu

Corresponding Author

Qingying Xu


Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to achieve the simplicity and optimization of the design process in NPI: This paper undertakes an academic review, supplemented by a case study with essential managerial implications: It analyzes the dynamics in NPI from a historical perspective: It concerns about the changes happening in business models influenced by high-technology and customer satisfaction: The academic review finds the Kano Model and the toolkit composed by co-creation, co-design, user-centered design, and design thinking diagnostic and pragmatic as far as the simplicity and optimization in NPI is concerned: The paper explores the strengths of the methodologies and their individual weaknesses as well and proposes suggestions for their improvement: The case study finds the successful application of the methodologies in an advanced smart-phone company: To conclude, internet-based design thinking should be integrated into lean thinking and innovation thinking in NPI for optimal results in the contexts of innovation-driven development: Its value is its advocacy in the establishment of a design community with product users, representing important priorities for scholars, managers, regulators and policy makers:


Keywords: New Product Introduction; Kano Model; Co-creation & Co-design & User-centered Design; Design Thinking