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Investigation and Analysis on the Current Situation of the Thought of Numeral-form Combination in Senior High School

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001898


Liping Wan

Corresponding Author

Liping Wan


Abstract: As a bridge between number and form, the thought of numeral-form combination plays an indispensable role in senior high school mathematics teaching: In order to improve the high school students' thinking level of the combination of number and shape, this paper uses the questionnaire to investigate the high school students: From four dimensions to understand the students' understanding of the combination of number and figure: Using spss26: 0 to analyze the data of the questionnaire results, we get the research results and conclusions: high school students can realize the importance of the thought of combining number with shape, but their consciousness and abilities of using the thought to solve problems are not strong: The students' mastery of the thought of combining number with shape is related to their learning habits and teachers' teaching approaches: In view of the problems found, this paper puts forward suggestions for both students and teachers: students should pay attention to the concept of theorem and the thought of combining number with shape behind it: Teachers should lay stress on infiltrating the numeral-form combination thought in daily teaching activities:


Keywords: Combination of Number and Shape; Mathematical Thought; Application Status; High School Mathematics Teaching