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Dilemma and Resolution of Framing Academic Ecosystem under the “Double First-Class” Construction-Based on Complexity Science Theory Perspective

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001899


Li Wang, Zhiyi Li, Junhe Wang and Tao Qin

Corresponding Author

Zhiyi Li


Abstract: “Double First-Class” Construction is a significant strategy for China’s higher education aimed to build the world-class universities and the world-class disciplines: It is paramount to build first-class disciplines which are the foundation of world-class universities: Top disciplines can attract top scholars and in turn first-class scholars are the cornerstone of discipline development and innovation: Both are interdependent and interact to form a complex academic ecosystem: From the perspective of complexity science, this paper studies the dilemmas of the construction of academic ecosystem, which mainly caused by imbalance of discipline structure, deterioration of academic environment and decline of academic culture: It puts forward the main approaches to the academic ecosystem construction in universities including attaching importance to the integration and diversification of disciplines, encouraging academic freedom and healthy competition among peers, valuing self-organization of scholars and the operation system of academic power:


Keywords: Academic Ecosystem; Disciplines; Scholars; Complexity Science