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A Study of Influence Factors on the Spread of Chinese Paper-cut Culture in Short Videos

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001905


Sen Zhao and Yutong Han

Corresponding Author

Sen Zhao


Abstract: This article uses a questionnaire survey method to quantitatively study the influence factors of Chinese paper-cut culture on the short video platform: Based on use and gratifications theory, through the selective contact mechanism of audience, puts forward the research questions, combines short video composition, in order to analyze the factors affecting the dissemination of Chinese paper-cut short videos: It is found that video presentation mode, shooting and editing level and other factors greatly affect its communication effect: At the same time, some suggestions are put forward, such as meeting the needs of users’ video themes, paying attention to the way of video presentation, and giving play to the advantages of mainstream short video platforms:


Keywords: Short Video; Chinese Paper-Cut; Use and Satisfaction Theory