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Analysis of the Difference in Mental Health between Independent-Enrolled Students and Unified-Enrolled Students in Higher Vocational College

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001906


Yani Ma and Kun Yang

Corresponding Author

Yani Ma


Abstract: The mental health status of 4919 students in a higher vocational college was investigated and analyzed: The result shows that the mental health of vocational college students is significantly different from that of other norms including the national norm, the national college student group norm, and the national youth norm SCL-90: Students enrolled through independent enrollment and unified enrollment are different in mental health status, which manifests mainly in somatization, interpersonal communication, depression and horror: On that account, It is recommended to establish a mental health norm for higher vocational college students; The importance of mental health education should be emphasized and the psychological quality assessment need to be applied in the single-recruitment examination in order to provide a real and effective basis for the development of mental health work in higher vocational colleges:


Keywords: Mental Health; Higher Vocational College; Independent-Enrolled Students; Unified-Enrolled Students