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Research on the Innovation of Mainstream Media Topic Setting from the Perspective of Agenda Setting —— A Case Study Of China Central Television News Network

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001911


Yuan Gao

Corresponding Author

Yuan Gao


Abstract: Today, with the rapid development of network technology, traditional media is facing the dilemma of serious loss of audience attention, which further weakens the social influence of traditional mainstream media: In response to General Secretary Xi's call to build a world-class new mainstream media, domestic mainstream media, led by CCTV news, accelerated the pace of media convergence: Recently, CCTV's "News Network" frequently appeared on Weibo's hot search, and its innovative short video forms such as "The Anchor Says Network" and "Hui Kang vlog" were praised by netizens: From the theoretical point of view of agenda setting, the mainstream media no longer presents the audience with the inherent mode, and the agenda setting theory applicable to the traditional media field will be adjusted according to the current context: Therefore, this paper will take the agenda setting under the network environment as a theoretical framework to analyze the integration and innovation of CCTV's News Network, and provide some reference suggestions for reshaping the influence of traditional mainstream media in China in the future:


Keywords: Agenda Setting; News Broadcast; Mainstream Media