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Research on the Long-term Power of Rural Revitalization from the Perspective of Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001921


Chunna Luo

Corresponding Author

Chunna Luo


Abstract: Education, especially rural education, provides long-term power for rural revitalization: Through the analysis of industrial development, ecological development, rural civilization, governance effect and people's living conditions in rural areas of China, this paper finds that rural revitalization has made significant progress; Meanwhile, rural education has also achieved certain results, preschool education has developed rapidly, and high school education, vocational education and adult education have obtained great achievements; The general trend of rural revitalization and rural educational development is consistent: Thus, it is necessary to further increase educational investment, enhance the foundation of rural education, continue to update concepts, develop various educational types, expand and improve all kinds of training and vocational education, and provide talents for rural development:


Keywords: Rural Revitalization; Human Capital; Education