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Analysis of Physical Fitness Test Results of Male Students in Yunnan Small Mountain Agricultural University

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001923


Xiang Zeng, Jun Wang and Jing Yang

Corresponding Author

Jing Yang


Abstract: The research on students' physique is inevitable, which is related to the development of a country. At present, there is less research on the physique of minority male college students in our country. We need to continue to increase the research on the physique of minority students, so as to provide an effective basis for schools in minority areas to carry out corresponding courses and training, and promote the new process of the research on the physique of minority in our country. Jingpo, Achang and Bulang Ethnic groups are mainly distributed in the border areas of China and Myanmar in the West and southwest of Yunnan Province, with an average altitude of about 1500 meters and a subtropical mountain climate. In order to further understand the physical health status and changes of Jingpo, Bulang and Achang, this paper uses the methods of literature review, comparative analysis, logical analysis and mathematical statistics to analyze the physical health test results of 276 Jingpo, Bulang and Achang male students in Yunnan Agricultural University from 2016 to 2019 by SPSS and excel. The purpose of this study is to provide the basis for the research on the physique of male minority college students in China.


Keywords: Yunnan Agricultural University; Mountainous Area; Boys of Minority Nationalities; Physical Health Test Results