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Discussion on the Phenomenon of New Form of Alienation of Artificial Intelligence

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001929


Leixi Zhang

Corresponding Author

Leixi Zhang


Abstract: Since the concept of artificial intelligence was put forward in the mid-1950s, artificial intelligence entered the research stage with rapid development. Currently, we have ushered in the era of artificial intelligence. With the development of technology, the theory of alienation gained further momentum, and the influence of artificial intelligence alienation on human society has also become more and more profound with the development of science and technology. On the one hand, artificial intelligence is a positive force. On the other hand, it is an alienated and negative force that fetters and negates people, which deepens the crisis of human self-alienation and leads to the crisis of human subjectivity and the alienated form of human communication. In order to deepen the understanding of the theory of alienation and conduct a preliminary study to solve the problem of artificial intelligence alienation, this paper conducts discussion on the alienation and its theoretical development, and analyzes the new form of artificial intelligence alienation and its presentation on the basis of the characteristics of labor alienation and science and technology alienation.


Keywords: Artificial Intelligence; Alienation; Alienation of Labor; Alienation of Science and Technology; New Form