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The Logic of the Mutual Construction between Political Education Course and Ideological and Political Theories Teaching in All Courses

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001935


Rui Zhang

Corresponding Author

Rui Zhang


Abstract: Over the years, the phenomenon of emphasizing intelligence over morality and “imparting knowledge only, not educating people” still exists in higher education to varying degrees, which leads to the disunity between teaching and educating people. As a new-type education model, political education role among diversified courses is realized in ideological and political theories teaching in all courses. Move each curriculum and political education courses forward together and form a joint force of educating people, which is conducive to realize the integration of knowledge imparting and value guidance. Meanwhile, this finds solutions to the problem of disconnection between political education and professional teaching, and jointly promotes the practical effect of fostering virtue through education in universities. The logic of the mutual construction between political education course and ideological and political theories teaching in all courses is based on a full understanding of rich connotations and a profound grasp of value implication. The reason why the two can be mutually constructed in logic is mainly because political education course takes the lead in political direction, ideological value, teaching staff and teaching methods of ideological and political theories teaching in all courses; in the meantime, this new-type education model expands the educational method, faculty, curriculum carrier and educational resources of political education course, so as to bring together all forces to achieve overall process and all-round education.


Keywords: Political Education Course; Ideological and Political Theories Teaching In All Courses; Mutual Construction Logic