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Balance between Quality and Quantity: the Evolution and Development of Japan’s International Student Enrollment Policy

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001936


Shengjie Zou

Corresponding Author

Shengjie Zou


Abstract: The quantity and quality of international students, an important criterion for the internationalization of modern universities, has been paid more and more attention by more and more countries. Since the 1980s, Japan, at the national level, has gradually strengthened the acceptance of foreign students through the "Plan on Receiving 100,000 International Students", "Plan on Receiving 300,000 International Students", "Plans on International Infrastructure Project" and "Super University Support Plan". Through the analysis of the internationalization policies and international student enrollment policies of Japanese universities at various stages, it can be found that the foreign student based acceptance policies of Japan have completed the transition from pursuing quantity to pursuing quality.


Keywords: Acceptance of International Students; Internationalization of Higher Education; Japanese Education