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Discussion on the Practical Value of Skepticism

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001940


Yonghong Yu

Corresponding Author

Yonghong Yu


Abstract: As the word "Suspicion" is adopted to translate skepticism, we will develop a preconceived feeling about it as: Suspicion means obstinate attitude in a subjective manner and negativity. However, as a matter of fact, we can make it clear that skepticism is actually a way to guide us to look at things when we can fully understand how it works, and keep it in mind that it's a method rather than a conclusion, which is of great value to us in understanding and grasping skepticism, otherwise we're not talking about skepticism. Since it is a method, not a conclusion, it is less important how you name it, and what is more important lie in how you use it. At the same time, the purpose of this method is not to express an opinion, but to gain a more objective understanding of the nature of the phenomenon. Besides, this method is committed to helping scientists who study the phenomenon "to be truly objective and selfless, and to devote their careers to the promotion of the public good" (Merton,1973).Undoubtedly, the most valuable thing about skepticism lies in: It provides solutions to the most important relationship in any scientific research or thinking -- the relationship between the subject of research and the object to be studied. Without the existence of the subject, the existence of the object would be out of the question. Therefore, when people devote themselves to studying the phenomenon of the object, they should first solve the objective and selfless nature of the subject. At this time, the rational analysis of skepticism will help the subject reach the state of inner tranquility, that is, the state of morality, and then the relative research state of "value-free" can be reached. This approach is therefore invaluable in developing and refining our worldview and values. It also guarantees that the holder will not fall into any extreme or negative tendencies.


Keywords: Skepticism, Value-free, Modern Application