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Infiltrate Ideological and Political Elements to Optimize the Effective Way of English Audio-visual Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001941


Yuan Zhuang

Corresponding Author

Yuan Zhuang


Abstract: Ideological and political education is an important prerequisite for advancing the reform and gradual improvement of the educational system of higher education. There are many things to reveal about ideological and political education. Integrating ideological and political education into English audio-visual teaching is not only conducive to the all-round development of college students, but also helps colleges and universities achieve the goal of "establishing morality and promoting community awareness". This paper studies the effective ways of infiltrating ideological and political elements to optimize English audiovisual teaching. Firstly, using the literature research method to summarize the role of infiltrating ideological and political elements to optimize English audiovisual teaching and infiltrating ideological and political elements into English audiovisual classrooms. Through the questionnaire survey method, the effective path of English audiovisual teaching with ideological and political elements is investigated, and the ideological and political themes and teaching methods that students are interested in are obtained through the research. The survey results show that the main ideological and political themes of interest to students are values, accounting for 44%, followed by traditional festivals, accounting for about 32%. The more acceptable ways for students to incorporate ideological and political elements in English teaching are mainly listening to VOA/BBC news, celebrity speeches, and national leaders’ meetings in class, accounting for about 45%. The second is narratives and argumentative essays on the theme of social phenomena.


Keywords: Curriculum Ideology, Audiovisual Teaching, English Major, Effective Path