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On the Integration of Red Culture into the Patriotic Education of Medical Students under the Background of Epidemic Situation

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001944


Heying Zheng, Shiyu Zheng and Xiaowen Xie

Corresponding Author

Heying Zheng


Abstract: The university age is the golden period and watershed of learning the way of "learning" and shaping the ability of "running the country and ensuring the state".Therefore, schools should hold high the banner of the Red Army revolution, sing the melody of the red songs, adhere to the "red culture" as the core content and basic elements of the patriotic education of college students, carry out the "inheritance of red genes, carry forward the revolutionary spirit" seriously, fine, true, in order to constantly inspire, awaken and inspire the students.In the context of the current epidemic, how to better integrate red culture into the patriotic education of college students, and how to cultivate outstanding college students with firm ideals and beliefs for the Party and the socialist motherland?How to carry out the "red old education", the "red" gene, especially the local red culture more effectively into the spirit of the blood of college students?These are important issues worthy of deep thinking and serious practice.


Keywords: Local Red Culture, Medical Students, Patriotism Education