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Study on the Food Fear of the Youth

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001945


Yafen Huang and Haiyan Lin

Corresponding Author

Yafen Huang


Abstract: This study takes the youth as the research object, uses the way of questionnaire to understand the food fear of college students, and then analyzes the choice of food fear of youth and the causes of food fear, so as to provide reference for catering enterprises. The results show that the youth are mainly afraid of snakes, allergic food, eels, catfish and other slimy food, hairy tofu and insects. They are more cautious in the choice of new food, transgenic tomato and bright steamed bread, which may be caused by the uncertainty of unfamiliar with these food. The risk of food, the appearance of food and the addition of food in food.


Keywords: Youth; Food Fear; Food Choice; Catering Enterprises