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The Role of Visitors' Co-creation Experience in the Sustainable Development of Cultural Heritage Sites: A Conceptual Framework

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001946


Yitong Deng

Corresponding Author

Yitong Deng


Abstract: Creative tourism increases intangible value-added and innovation to achieve the strategic goal of sustainable development at cultural heritage sites. During the journey, expectations of a personalized experience and the need for participation urge visitors to transform from observers to co-creators. Although co-creation is considered to be an important strategy for the sustainability of tourism, the relationship between the co-creation experience and tourists' sustainable behavior has not been explored. Place attachment as an intermediary variable is added to the study of related relationships. Therefore, a conceptual framework for sustainable development of cultural heritage attractions is established. This research fills the research gap and has practical and theoretical significance.


Keywords: Co-creation Experience; Place Attachment; Environmental Responsible Behavior