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Renewal Strategy of Public Service Facilities in Large Urban Communities from the Perspective of Public Health

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001948


Bin Qiu

Corresponding Author

Bin Qiu


Abstract: The process of public service facilities allocation in large residential communities is generally simple and static. The dynamic changes and interactions of residents, real estate development enterprises and governments cannot be reflected in the decision-making process, which leads to the inefficient and inefficient allocation of public service facilities in communities, which seriously affects the quality of life of large community residents. This paper establishes a bshp model, focusing on the safety and health performance factors of community public service facilities. These factors include architecture, building services, external environment, operation and maintenance, and management methods. The highest number of projects in 2020 is 233, and that in 2020 is the highest.


Keywords: Public Health; Community; Public Service; Facility Configuration; Renovation