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The Influence of Chinese Diasporic Translators on Foreign Dissemination of Contemporary Chinese Literature: A Case Study of the Dissemination of Ken Liu’s Translation of the Three-Body Problem in English-speaking World

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001950


Shanxiu He and Xuan Xu

Corresponding Author

Shanxiu He


Abstract: In recent years, the study of diasporic translators is becoming more and more popular in translation research. The diasporic translators are playing animportant rolein the dissemination of Chinese literature. Because of their dual cultural identity(born in China but live in abroad), their subjectivity and inherent language advantage into full play, so that diasporic translators cananalyse the literature work from the perspective of a third party. What’s more,their translation work is more acceptable in abroad. Taking the successful publication of The Three-Body Problem translated by the Chinese diasporic translator Ken Liu as an example, this paper discusses the foreign disseminationmodeand the“going global” mode of Chinese contemporary literature from the perspective of Communication Studies.Finally, it can be concluded that the combination of communication chanels and literary translation activities can be highly effective in disseminating more Chinese contemporary literary works to the world.


Keywords: Chinese Diasporic Translators, The Three-Body-Problem, Study on the Dissemination of Chinese Contemporary Literature