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Research on the Development Direction of the Robo-Advisor Platform in China——Compared with the Robo-advisor Platform in the United States

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001951


Hehe Sun

Corresponding Author

Hehe Sun


Abstract: In recent years, the personal investable assets of Chinese residents have continued to increase rapidly, and emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence have also continued to penetrate into China's financial sector, promoting the reform of wealth management methods. The traditional investment advisory model of "high threshold and high fees" can no longer meet the development needs of inclusive finance in China. Robo-advisor platforms with significant advantages such as low thresholds, low fees, and high information transparency have emerged in China. This article comprehensively elaborated the current development status of the robo-advisor platform in China, and compared the development history, asset scale, and user situation of the U.S. robo-advisory platform, and concluded that during the development of the robo-advisor platform in China, there are problems such as narrow range of optional investment targets, low intelligence, unstable profitability in the short term, insufficient attractiveness of the platform to investors, and relatively weak risk control capabilities. On this basis, combined with the experience and practices of typical U.S. robo-advisory platforms, it proposed to enrich the types of investment targets, configure the optimal investment portfolio, adopt the human-machine combination model, improve the accuracy of user portraits, establish differentiated business strategies, optimize decision-making models and technical algorithms, strengthen investor education and protection, promote the cooperation between robo-advisory platforms and licensed financial institutions, improve the information disclosure system, and improve the legal supervision system.


Keywords: Robo-advisor; Robo-advisor Platform; Comparison between China and the United States