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Application of New Media Technology in the Information Teaching of Preschool Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001953


Fan Qi

Corresponding Author

Fan Qi


Abstract: Educational informatization is an inevitable trend in the development of education. Preschool education information is an important part of education information. In recent years, the national and local governments have shown great attention to the informatization of preschool education, formulating various policies to guide and promote the development of preschool education informatization; all regions have the courage to explore in the process of practicing preschool education informatization and have achieved success certain experience. At present, preschool education informatization has gradually become a focus of attention and focus in the education field. This article aims to study the application of new media technology in pre-school education informatization teaching. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of new media, the advantages of new media technology in pre-school education and the strategies to improve the efficiency of pre-school education informatization application, the questionnaire survey method and statistical analysis method randomly selects kindergarten teachers in S city to do related surveys. The survey results show that the city's kindergarten teachers recognize the positive role of information technology in the teaching process in many ways, and can accept information to assist children in teaching. But there are also areas that need to be improved and improved. Among them, teachers' understanding of information-based teaching is not deep, and the further integration of teaching and information technology needs to be strengthened.


Keywords: New Media Technology, Informatization Teaching, Education Informatization, Preschool Education