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Effects of Trehalose on Physiological Characteristics of Waxy Maize under Salt Stress

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001961


Yan Chuai, Chunyang Xiang, Qiu Zhao, Xiuping Tian and Siwen Bian

Corresponding Author

Chunyang Xiang


Abstract: Soil salinization is a global problem and an important factor affecting agricultural production and ecological environment. The salinized land area accounts for about 65.8% of the total land area in Tianjin. The maize variety "Jinnuo 72" was used as material, and pot culture method was adopted to explore the effects of trehalose on physiological characteristics of waxy maize under 0.04%, 0.20%, 0.35%, 0.53% and 0.68% soil salt content. The results showed that the treatment group compared with control group SOD activity significantly increased by 4.81%, 5.83%, 7.03% and 10.28% at 0.04%, 0.20%, 0.35% and 0.52% salt concentration, respectively. POD activity in treatment group compared with control group was significantly increased by 30.86% at 0.35% salt concentration. Under five different salt concentration, CAT activity significantly increased by 6.11%, 5.81%, 7.22%, 13.98% and 14.70%, respectively. MDA content in treatment group was significantly decreased compared with control group by 55.40%, 67.39%, 51.31% and 29.67% at 0.20%, 0.35%, 0.52% and 0.68% salt, respectively. The soluble sugar treatment group significantly increased compared with the control group at five salt concentration. The proline and soluble protein significantly increased compared with the control group at 0.20%, 0.35% and 0.52% salt concentration. Results showed that trehalose could increase the activity of antioxidant enzymes, effectively reduce the peroxidation of lipid membrane and regulate the content of osmotic substances in waxy maize seedlings, so as to improve the salt resistance of waxy maize seedlings.


Keyword: Waxy Maize; Trehalose Treatment; Salinity Stress; Physiological Property