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Study on Rice Culture Mode of Rice Duck Co Culture in Organic Rice Production Environment

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001962


Qibiao Li

Corresponding Author

Qibiao Li


Abstract: Comprehensive cultivation in paddy field is a popular way in most large rice producing countries. At present, the cultivation of rice fish, rice crab, rice duck and rice shrimp is not perfect, which needs further research. This paper focuses on the rice culture mode of rice duck co culture, aiming to explore the effect of rice duck co culture environment on the quality of nitrogen and phosphorus in paddy soil under the production environment of organic rice. The experimental site of this paper is the demonstration base of mechanized rice planting technology of agricultural science research in Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County. Three groups of control groups are set in the experiment, which are the conventional experimental group, the rice duck co breeding experimental group and the ecological interception experimental group, the content of nitrogen and phosphorus in paddy soil and its effect on soil quality loss under rice duck co breeding were studied. The results showed that the highest nitrogen concentration was 15.24mg/l in the conventional area and 13.27mg/l in the rice duck co breeding area before duck release; however, after duck release, the total nitrogen concentration of surface water in conventional area and rice duck co breeding field was the highest, reaching 15.25mg/l and 16.15mg/l respectively. In addition, the total phosphorus concentration in surface water of rice duck co breeding field was significantly higher than that of conventional area and ecological interception ditch after duck release. It can be seen that rice duck farming is conducive to rice cultivation.


Keywords: Organic Rice, Rice Duck Farming, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Loss, Rice Yield