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Research on the Teaching Mode of Decoration Color in Preschool Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001963


Ying Liu and Ying Wan

Corresponding Author

Ying Liu


Abstract: Decorative color is the key basic knowledge in art teaching. It can cultivate students' modeling ability and color application ability, and at the same time can improve students' artistic creativity and expression ability. This article studies the decorative color teaching mode of preschool education major in higher vocational education. First, it explains the relevant theories of decorative color teaching, including the importance of observation method to decorative color teaching, the expression method of decorative color, and the lack of domestic decorative color teaching. And the solution strategy. This article also learned about the color teaching status of preschool education majors in our city’s higher vocational colleges through a questionnaire survey, and found that school leaders only paid 10% of the attention to color courses for preschool education majors, while 73% of students believed that color teaching is in school. It is very important in the art teaching of the former education major.


Keywords: Pre-School Education, Decorative Colors, Color Teaching, Teaching Mode Research