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Research on Blockchain based Supply Chain Management Mode

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001964


Yuan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yuan Zhang


Abstract: In recent years, the wide application of cloud computing, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data in our societies and life has spurred the development of blockchain. The crucial factor that determines the management efficiency is the information validity, which is also the core issue that is in urgency to be addressed. Nevertheless, since supply chain itself is a system with dynamics and self-awareness, information of different sections are independent of each other in current supply chain system; each business entity of different sections fail to communicate and supervise each other, resulting in the deficiency of coordinating operation as a whole. Furthermore, because of the openness of supply chain, business entities of each section are imposed substantial information asymmetry based on information security and privacy protection, which is going to cause the “bullwhip effect” to the supply chain. The efficiency of supply chain management can be improved through information sharing, which has been approved by a huge amount of domestic and international researches. However, there research results fail to come up with effective operation mechanism and management mode, as they were conducted based on algorithmic modeling and extensive assumptions. These results have little significance to implement in real world. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology with de-centralization, which has harvested widespread attentions from governments, academic communities and industries. Blockchain technology verifies the authenticity of the information for business operation, improving the transparency and tractability. Another capacity that blockchain offers is providing business entities with an integrated network for information sharing to achieve equality, autonomy, and common management of business operations. The researching process adopts game model construction, algorithm design and analysis, analysis on system dynamic model simulation and multivariate statistics etc. This essay also conducts research on the theory of supply chain management in terms of supply chain content management, credit management, performance evaluation, putting forward supply chain management mode based on blockchain and detailed mode and approach for blockchain application in supply chain management, as well as flourishing the theory system of supply chain management. Based on the analysis and improvement of classical blockchain technology, the research results promote the application of blockchain in supply chain management, as well as the development of blockchain application research in other fields, with certain prospective and positive social values.


Keywords: Supply Chain, Blockchain, Information Sharing, Management Mode