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Research and Exploration on the Design and Development of Online Courses

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001965


Yongping Zhang and Dapeng Tong

Corresponding Author

Yongping Zhang


Abstract: With the continuous development of social environment and technological means, the form of education has also. Online education is gaining ground, it gradually changes schools, classes, teachers and students from many aspects such as teaching concept, methods and resources and it has a profound impact on the bottom thinking and working mode of curriculum construction. But the current online education model has big limitations. Online education is not simply a "classroom move," nor is it just a resource for courses or a new form of classroom instruction. The design and development of online courses need to be reviewed from a new perspective. This paper mainly puts forward some views on the design and development of online courses, and studies and carries on the research and the exploration from the design and the development scope, the characteristic and the procedure and so on.


Keywords: Online Course; Curriculum Design; Learning Mode