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Analysis of China-related Reports in Nepal

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001967


Luyang Han

Corresponding Author

Luyang Han


Abstract: Although there is a history of thousands of years for the cultural exchange and communication between Nepal and China, and Nepal holds a positive attitude towards the "The Belt and Road" initiative, there are still many problems in reporting of China by Nepalese newspapers due to the impacts of western countries and India. Under such background, this paper takes the Twitter account of The Himalayan Times for example, and selects 3198 China-related tweets which are explored from time distribution, topic of attention, and emotional tendency to provide reasonable material basis for enhancing communication of China in Nepal. It is found that, the China-related tweets have such problems as single themes and large emotional value fluctuation. Hence, China still needs to further enhance communication in Nepal.


Keywords: Nepal; The Himalayan Times; Twitter; China-related Report