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Practice and Evaluation of Blended Teaching in Design Research Course

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001968


Xu Chen

Corresponding Author

Xu Chen


Abstract: This course is the core professional course of product design major, which integrates the theoretical knowledge learned in the early stage, and pays attention to the frontier and hot spots of design, such as the interactive forms of products and user experience research and social innovation in the intelligent era. In-depth research combined with practical issues, establish the ability to think, analyze and solve problems, strengthen traditional culture and ideological and political education, and integrate them into professional fields to improve comprehensive design practice ability. The course teaching process adopts the combination of online and offline. By introducing enterprise practical topics and participating in subject competitions, it pays attention to cultivating students' practical design ability and innovative practice ability, mastering the whole process of product development, cultivating students' comprehensive design ability to find, analyze and solve problems in the design process, establishing a correct design concept, fully implementing OBE teaching philosophy, and establishing a teaching mode in which "school", "enterprise" and "society" are linked and coordinated with each other.


Keywords: Practice; Evaluation; Blended Teaching