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Strengthening the Professional Skills Training of Normal Students Majoring in Mathematics

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001969


Kefeng Li

Corresponding Author

Kefeng Li


Abstract: It is the basic requirement of teachers' professional development to enhance the professional ability of normal students. It is the practical need to improve the employment competitiveness of normal students, and it is also the need to do better and stronger teacher education. It is an effective way to enhance the professional ability of normal students to strengthen the construction of vocational skills courses for normal students majoring in mathematics, enrich the practical content, train normal students in professional identity and ethics education, Putonghua and teachers' oral English, writing skills, teaching skills and class teacher's working skills, and build a three-dimensional, whole process and consistent skill training system.


Keywords: Mathematics Normal Students; Teachers' Professional Skills Training; Teaching Skills; Educational Skills