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A Study of the Works of the Jinggangshan Rendezvous in the Perspective of Pictorial Narrative

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001972


Yan Wang and Jie Zhu

Corresponding Author

Yan Wang


Abstract: As one of China's most striking mountains and rivers, Jinggang Mountain is a red event that has been infused with humanity in the pages of history, and is depicted and celebrated in contemporary times, with every mountain and river associated with the historical destiny of the new China, a symbol of the will to fight tenaciously, and a dragon line of revolutionary spirit. This paper attempts to analyse how artists create artworks on the theme of the Jinggang Mountain Division from the perspective of pictorial narrative, discussing the spirit of the Jinggang Mountain Division from three aspects: 'historical context', 'narrative perspective' and 'narrative spirit'. The paper discusses the inheritance and development of the spirit of the Jinggang Mountain Division, as well as the significance of art and the revolutionary spirit in different times and spaces, and explores the pictorial narrative, stylistic changes and revolutionary connotations of the spirit of Jinggang Mountain in the new context of the times.


Keywords: Jinggangshan Realignment; Image Narrative; Theme Art Creation; Revolutionary Spirit