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Demonstrating the Huge Advantages of the Mass Line in the Fight Against the “COVID-19”

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001975


Baihui Cui and Xiaohui Chen

Corresponding Author

Baihui Cui


Abstract: The huge advantages of the mass line implemented by the Communist Party of China have been vividly demonstrated in the fight against the “COVID-19”. It is mainly manifested in: Firstly, adhere to the people-oriented and grasp the value of life safety, because the safety of the masses is related to the country’s destiny and future. Secondly, everything depends on the masses and the masses are true heroes. They have contributed wisdom and strength in the process of fighting the “epidemic”. Thirdly, from the masses to the masses, the Party and the people share a common destiny and will surely win the final victory in this “epidemic” war!


Keywords: The “COVID-19”; The Mass Line; Huge Advantages.