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Research and Practice on the Hierarchical Training Mode of "Elite Class" of Electronic Information Specialty in Higher Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001990


Fei Yu, Rong Song, Qiming Zeng, Li Yang and Guanlan Huang

Corresponding Author

Guanlan Huang


Abstract: Hierarchical training is an important trend in the development of domestic technical education in higher vocational education. The training of electronic information students in higher vocational education is particularly suitable for adopting the "elite class" mode. The specialty of Electronic Information Engineering and Technology in Shenzhen Polytechnic has designed a set of "elite class" talent training programs and operation management strategies for selection, evaluation, and withdrawal, which are suitable for the training of electronic information professionals at different levels. It has been practiced for 4 years since 2017, and the students trained have achieved great improvement and progress in academic performance, competition awards, employment salary and learning satisfaction. It is worth using for reference when the majority of Higher Vocational Electronic Information Majors carry out hierarchical training.


Keywords: Electronic Information; Elite Class; Hierarchical Training; Training Program